Service fees

Listing cards is 100% free on LilianaMarket, but moving money around securely costs money. Here's the lowdown on the service fees to use LilianaMarket

LilianaMarket charges a small fee to buyers, to cover the cost of processing online payments by our trusted payment provider: 25p +2.5% of the total value of each order. These fees only apply when you put money into the system, not when you use funds that are already in your LilianaMarket Balance. For instance, if you sold cards and £30 were added into your Balance as a result, you can make orders worth up to £30 pounds without having to pay any fees.

LilianaMarket charges a 5% service fee to sellers, which is deducted from the total price of each order. Listing your cards for sale is 100% free.

Whenever you request to cash-out the funds from your LilianaMarket Balance, there is a 50p pay-out fee.