Your guide to selling MTG cards

Selling magic cards can be a profitable activity for professional shops and a way for players to earn some extra cash. Here are some hints and tips to help you get the most out of it


Sort it out

An organised collection = a satisfied customer. Yes, having all the cards you want to sell organised and easy-to-find benefits everyone involved. It saves you searching time, and as a result, helps your customer receive their order faster.

You can order them by set, and then alphabetically or by colour within each set (or both). Find a system that works for you and stick with it – it definitely makes selling and shipping easier.


List everything

The more cards you list, the easier it is to sell. Any magic card can be sold, commons and uncommons too – people constantly come up with new brews for all the different formats and even the most random card might be combined in new and interesting ways.

A smart MTG player will try to buy from just a few sellers to avoid additional shipping charges, so selling a range of cards increases your selling potential.


Check the condition

Pay close attention to our card condition guide. You don’t want unhappy or complaining customers giving you negative reviews. When in doubt, be conservative. If for instance you don't know whether a card should be listed as ‘lightly played’ or ‘moderately played’, it's best to go for ‘moderately played’ to cover all bases.

While buyers generally prefer to buy ‘near mint’ cards, many are happy to buy cards that have been played as long as the price reflects the condition.


Keep your stock up to date

Don’t forget to remove cards you’ve traded elsewhere. If you leave them up for sale when they’re no longer available, you could end up with cancelled orders, unhappy customers and negative reviews on your seller profile.

It’s the same if you listed a card as ‘near mint’ but then you played with it. This changes the condition to at least ‘lightly’ or ‘moderately played’ and you’ll need to update your listing.


Be positive

Selling is always harder when you have no reputation on the site. Selling your first cards at a lower price is a great way to encourage customers to buy from you. But don't forget to ask your buyers to leave you a review. As soon as you're in the black, you can use your newfound reputation to start selling at the trending price.


Don't ignore your notifications

Ignoring notifications means you could be ignoring sales. Regularly check your email notifications or sign up for SMS notifications to be on top of sales the moment they come in.


Use proper packaging

Magic cards are delicate and you don’t want them damaged during delivery. Some of our sellers use hard board envelopes, which prevent bending and protect MTG cards. Check out our packaging top tips for more advice.


Be a speedy shipper

Ship your cards quickly to keep your customers happy and to keep those positive reviews rolling in. Just think – your customer might need the card for FNM, so your speedy shipping might be the reason they win big!

Pay close attention to the buyer's chosen shipping method – normally it's Royal Mail First Class, but some orders will be Signed For.

  • For tracked orders (Royal Mail Signed For) - go to the post office and get a tracking code. Enter the tracking code on the order details page to confirm that you’ve shipped the order.
  • For untracked orders - use First Class stamps or print your postage online using Royal Mail's website.


Stay in touch

Keep your customers informed via the messaging system, so they know when to expect the cards.


Deal with any problems

If there were issues with your order, such as a missing card or inaccurate card conditions, respond to your customer and get a resolution as soon as possible.

Failing to respond to problems could result in negative reviews and complaints, which will impact your selling potential. Sending replacement cards or issuing a refund is usually the quickest way to proceed.


Spread the word

Share your seller profile on social media to reach new customers and maximise your chances of selling.

Or if you run a game store, let your local customers know about your online collection through your store's website and social media pages.


Get paid

Once your sale is complete, you can request a pay-out into your bank account from the transactions page (UK bank accounts only). Alternatively, you can use the funds to buy other MTG singles.


Keep an eye on card prices

We all know MTG cards can increase or decrease in value overnight. If that's the case, you can edit the price easily from your collection.


List cards regularly

Make sure your collection is up-to-date with fresh cards by adding more as soon as you get them.p


Set your out of office

Hide your collection by turning on the 'on holiday' mode in your account settings. When this is on, you won't get new orders. It's really useful when you go away for a few days, but you can also use it to slow things down if you're getting too many orders.

If there are any other tips that you think we should add, please drop as an email to and let us know. Thank you!