Why sell on LilianaMarket?

For shops & professional sellers

  • We cover the whole UK – Build a brand presence and sell your MTG singles across the country.
  • Stock listing & management solution – Manage your stock and maximise your revenue.
  • We help you keep track - Easily monitor your collection and sales stats

For players

  • Clean up – Sell the cards you don't need and raise money to buy the ones you do.
  • Get extra cash, easily – earn money by selling magic cards.
  • We help you keep track – Easily monitor your collection and sales stats.

Sell MTG singles in 3 simple steps


List your collection

A good combination of uncommons, mythics, rares and commons is recommended. The more you list, the more you sell.


Make a sale

You‘ll receive an email and/or SMS notification for every sale. Stay on top of notifications so you don't miss out any business.


Ship your orders and get paid

Follow our packaging guide and post the cards using Royal Mail. You'll be paid when your customer confirms delivery (Signed For orders) or as soon as you ship them (untracked orders).

Stock management

List and manage all your magic the gathering cards in one place

Manage your magic collection on LilianaMarket
Check out your live sales metrics

Sales stats

Monitor your collection value and performance

Profile page

Link to your seller profile page or share it on social media

Payments made simple

Set your price for each card

We'll recommend a trending price for every card, but feel free to set the price you think is right for you.

Low fees

It's completely free to join and list your collection, we just charge a 5% commission on cards when you sell them. This makes us cheaper than eBay, for example. Find out more about our fees here.

Get paid quickly

Once your LilianaMarket account has been credited with your sale, you can request a pay-out into your UK bank account. Or you can use the funds to buy any other MTG singles you want.

About LilianaMarket

What is LilianaMarket? LilianaMarket is the UK-based marketplace for magic cards. If you’ve got cards, or want to buy some, our community of players and shops are waiting for you. We’re made and powered by the community.

Why sell MTG singles? If you’re a player looking to cover some of your costs or a professional store with lots of cards, you can earn additional cash by selling magic cards online with LilianaMarket.