How it works

Spoilers - It's simple

For sellers


List your singles!

You might be a player with tons of cards that you’d like to get some value from, or a game store. Listing your cards for sale is free and very easy, as we already prepopulate all the relevant input fields. You can choose the price and specify details such as card condition and language.


Ship the orders as quickly as possible

You will get an email every time someone buys cards from you. Make sure you pack them properly and use the Royal Mail shipping type indicated in each order. Once you’ve posted them, confirm that on LilianaMarket as soon as possible.

You might want to take a look at our card condition guide and packaging tips.


Receive the money!

For untracked orders, money will be transferred to your LilianaMarket Balance when you confirm that you’ve shipped the cards. For tracked orders, funds will be transferred when the buyer confirms that they’ve received them.

A speedy shipping, proper packaging and cards delivered as per your listing details should help you get nice reviews. You can also rate your buyers.

For buyers


Search for the cards you’re after

Building a fresh new deck? Simply search for the cards you need and add them to your shopping basket. You can purchase from one or multiple sellers at the same time. We only allow UK sellers and buyers.


Secure payment – your money is held until confirmation

You seamlessly buy LilianaMarket Credits and spend them on the cards you’ve selected. Your online payment is securely handled and the funds are not transferred to the seller until you’ve confirmed reception of your cards (tracked orders) or until the seller confirms the shipment (untracked orders). If you had sold some cards previously, you can use what you’ve earned to buy other cards. We work with Mango Pay, leading payment platform for peer to peer marketplaces.


Receive your cards, confirm delivery and leave a review

When you receive your order, please confirm it on LilianaMarket as soon as possible. It’s also time to leave a review to the seller: fair reviews are massively important to help the LilianaMarket community.