Frequently asked questions

Selling cards

How do I list my collection of cards for sale?

Simply click on 'Sell cards' to access the card listing form. Indicate name, type, condition, language, quantity and price.

By listing a card you confirm that it meets all the aspects included in the form and that you offer them for sale. If you are unsure about any of the characteristics of a card, please do not list it. Regarding card condition, please take a look at our card condition guide.

You will be able to edit the card details or remove any cards from your collection (from 'My collection'), as long as they haven't been purchased yet by another user.

How do I receive orders?

When a buyer submits an order, you will automatically receive an email confirming all the details, including the cards, price and shipping information.

You can also see your orders and their status within 'My sales'.

I've received an order, what do I have to do next?

Please ship it as soon as possible, following the shipping method indicated in the order details, and confirm the shipment on LilianaMarket. You can do so from the order details page. If you don't confirm that you shipped the card on the website, the buyer can cancel the order within 7 days and receive a full refund.

Shipping the cards quickly will help you get positive reviews and sell more and more cards!

How do I pack the cards?

Please take a look at our packaging guide.

What postal carriers are recommended by LilianaMarket?

We only and strongly recommend Royal Mail. Shipping costs suggested on the website are covered within the order amount and are based on Royal Mail pricing (plus a small amount to cover packaging costs).

For tracked orders

Nip to the post office and post the cards using signed for postage. Don't forget to grab the tracking code, as you will need it to confirm shipment on the website

For untracked orders

Untracked shipment can be done in a number of ways:

  • Visit your post office
  • Buy and print postage online via
  • Buy first class stamps and drop it in a post box (large letters may need multiple or specific stamps)

Orders from or to outside the UK mainland are not allowed.

When do I receive payment from the buyer?

For untracked orders, funds will be transferred to your LilianaMarket Balance when you confirm that you have shipped the cards. For tracked orders, you will receive the funds into your Balance once the buyer confirms its reception .

You can request a pay-out from your LilianaMarket Balance to your bank account at any time. Please bear in mind that pay-outs might take a few days to be processed (7-10 days).

To comply with EU anti-money laundering regulations, our payment provider, Mango Pay, requires proof of ID to process pay-outs into bank accounts, that is, a picture of your valid passport or UK driving licence

Please note: Currently only bank accounts registered in the United Kingdom are supported

What do I do if I've received an order that contains cards that I don't have anymore?

By having cards listed on LilianaMarket, you warrant they are available for sale. When the buyer submits an order, you've entered a contract of sale which you're bound to fulfil. If you don't have the cards that you've sold, please contact the buyer to try to find a solution. You could cancel the order, but this circumstance will be shown in your user profile; you're also likely to receive a negative review.

Please read the LilianaMarket community rules for more information.

What should I do if a customer bought cards from me by mistake and they wish to cancel their order?

If this happens please contact us as soon as possible. If you simply cancel the order, that circumstance will be shown in your seller profile and that wouldn't be fair!

What if I've received an unfair review?

Please contact us at and we'll try to help.

Can I do a refund?

If (for example) you forgot to include a card within an order or the buyer wasn't happy with the card condition, you can do a full or partial refund from the order details page.

Refunds are only possible once the buyer has confirmed that they've received the order.

Buying cards

How can I buy and pay for magic cards on LilianaMarket?

You can add the cards that you'd like to order to your shopping basket, from one or multiple sellers. Please take into account that, when you order cards from different sellers, you will have to pay shipping costs associated with each order.

To buy cards you'd need to purchase LilianaMarket Credits. This happens seamlessly whenever your LilianaMarket Balance doesn't have enough funds to complete an order.

What are the packing & shipping costs on LilianaMarket?

They're based on Royal Mail pricing and include a small amount to cover packing costs (envelops, sleeves).

When is tracked shipping mandatory?

Tracked delivery (usually Royal Mail First Class 'Signed For') is mandatory for any orders above £20.

It's also mandatory if it's your first sale or purchase.

What's next after I've placed my order?

Your payment card will be credited when you place an order. The funds will be transferred to the seller whey they confirm that they've shipped your order (for untracked ones), or when you confirm that you've received it (for tracked orders).

What payment methods are available on LilianaMarket?

You can pay by standard credit or debit card. LilianaMarket's payments are processed by MangoPay, a leading payment provider for online marketplaces.

Only British payment cards are allowed.

What shall I do if the seller has not confirmed shipment of my cards?

When you submit an order on LilianaMarket, a contract of sale is formed between you and the seller, who has to ship the cards. If the seller doesn't confirm shipping within 3 days, please contact them to confirm that everything is OK. If the seller doesn't confirm that they've shipped the cards within 7 days, you can cancel the order and you will receive a full refund* into your Liliana Market Balance. This cancellation will be reflected on the seller's user profile.

* Please note that we don't refund any payment or service fees placed into your LilianaMarket account to buy LilianaMarket Credits.

What if shipping was confirmed by the seller but I haven't received the cards yet?

If the order was tracked, please contact the seller or let us know us at and we'll investigate.

If the order was untracked, please contact the seller. We won't be able to help in this case, but you can report the order as 'Lost' 14 days after the seller confirmed shipping on the website, if the cards haven't arrived yet. This circumstance will be reflected on the seller's profile.

What can I do if the order is missing some cards or if they don't meet the description?

Please contact the seller. If they disagree or are unable to compensate you (for example, sending the cards that you're missing), you can always rate the seller accordingly. LilianaMarket will not take part in any disputes or disagreements regarding card condition.