Your guide to buying magic cards

LilianaMarket is powered by the community. You’ll be buying cards from professional sellers and MTG players just like you. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.


Check out the seller’s profile

Each seller’s profile is full of information that proves their reliability – you can see their ratings and reviews, how many successful transactions they’ve had on the site and how quickly they tend to ship the cards


Buying from a new seller?

If a seller has no ratings or reviews, it may mean they haven’t sold any cards yet. You might even be their first customer! But don’t let their lack of reputation stop you buying the card you need.

We all have to start somewhere, so consider giving them the benefit of the doubt and maybe even impart some of your own LilianaMarket knowledge during the process!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You would in a shop, so why not here? The messaging tool is an easy way to ask your seller any questions before or after placing your order. And then, if the seller hasn’t shipped them within a few days, you can remind them with a quick message.


Fewer sellers = less postage

Picture this: you’ve got your eye on one card with one seller, and another card with another. That’s two card costs and two postage costs. What if you ordered them both from the same seller instead? It’s still two card costs but only one postage cost. You just saved yourself 84p or more!

We know the cards may not be priced the same or be the same condition, but it could save you money overall


Don’t forget to confirm delivery

Once your cards are delivered, remember to confirm you’ve received them and that you’re happy with the. If there’s an issue, for example, one of the cards is missing or not as described, tell the seller before confirming, then work together to come to a solution.

You need to do this ASAP because in some cases confirming delivery transfers the funds, and the transaction is considered complete.


Rate & review your seller

Like we said, LilianaMarket is a community, so taking 10 seconds to leave a review of your seller will massively help not only them, but the rest of the community


Cancelled order?

In the event your order is cancelled, your funds will be immediately reimbursed for you to use again to buy other singles, or to cash out (pay-out fee applies, and pay-in fees aren’t refundable).


Offset the cost of buying cards

You might want to start selling all those singles that you don’t use then! You can reuse the funds from your sales to buy the cards that you actually want, or cash them out